Legal Action of Wisconsin“Really they were towels, sheets and a couple of blankets,” says April Homesly, recalling the “pallets” on the floor of her mother’s Middleton apartment that she and her five children slept on for several weeks after being unfairly evicted from their Madison residence.

Between an illegitimate lawsuit from a former landlord and a lost job, April  was unable to keep up with unnecessary debts and consequently saw the removal of her Section 8 public housing assistance and her current lease. “I lost half of my possessions, furniture, clothing, everything,” she remembers. “I had no place to bring them.”

Thankfully, April didn’t have to fight the injustice alone: with the help of Legal Action of Wisconsin, she had her Section 8 assistance restored and was able to secure a new duplex complete with a front yard. “We didn’t have this before,” she smiles, the new duplex fostering dreams of a dynamic future as a private investigator and homeowner. “We’ll get there. We just have to take it one step at a time.”


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