Without help from Legal Action of Wisconsin, April’s family might
still be homeless.April and family  She and her children were evicted from their Madison apartment after they stopped receiving assistance from the public housing program known as Section 8. “I lost half of my possessions, furniture, clothing, everything,” she said.  And in the midst of all that, April lost her job.

April went to a hearing to try and reinstate her Section 8, but she lost. She then contacted Legal Action of Wisconsin.  With their help, a judge ruled that April’s housing assistance had been wrongly terminated and should immediately be restored.

Now living with her kids in a duplex, April is studying criminal justice at a local technical school, where she’s passing with high honors. She thanks Legal Action, and she urges others who feel they’ve been treated unjustly to fight.

“A lot of people get that official letter in the mail and they just give up,” she said. “They don’t know they have the option to fight.”


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