Legal Action of Wisconsin logoTed was in his 80s when his wife died. She had been the one who managed all the couple’s finances.  What’s more, he was slipping into dementia, and he seemed at times unsure how to keep his bills paid.

He met a man in the neighborhood who called himself The Preacher, who convinced Ted to sign papers giving him power of attorney.  But instead of looking out for the older man’s interests, The Preacher latched onto virtually everything of value Ted had: his home, car, bank accounts, pension checks, and Social Security payments.

Ted found the balance on his bills climbing higher—and new bills for items like cell phones.  When Ted’s phone and utilities were cut off, a neighbor brought him to Legal Action of Wisconsin.  The attorney secured a judgment against The Preacher for the theft and fraud; the hope is that Ted may recoup some of the cash stolen from him.

Thanks to Legal Action, Ted at least has his house and car back, and he’s once again getting his monthly checks.  The Legal Action lawyer even connected Ted with another neighbor–one with considerably nobler intentions–who sees to it that Ted’s lights and utilities stay on.

Legal Action of Wisconsin provides free civil legal services for low-income people.


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