Emily Jones, Sierra Club Foundation – John Muir Chapter

Emily Jones began volunteering Sierra Club Foundation (John Muir Chapter) during a time of environmental uncertainty in Wisconsin. A trained water monitor, Emily showed absolute dedication to water protection, and to educating others through the materials she developed.  She also volunteers each summer to collect river and stream samples, to check for high phosphorus levels.

For more information about Sierra Club – John Muir Chapter or to volunteer, visit www.wisconsin.sierraclub.org or call 608.256.0565.  

Photo of Emily provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company.

Lara Carlson, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign 03-13_LaraCarlson_own_crop

Lara Carlson has been an incredible addition to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s office. A former teacher and now a grad student in Environmental Studies at UW, Lara is passionate about educating citizens—about politics, the environment, or other community projects.  She also volunteers with the Sierra Club and the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

For more information about Wisconsin Democracy Campaign or to volunteer, visit www.wisdc.org or call 608.255.4260.


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