Bill RattundeBill Rattunde, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin

Bill Rattunde is a dedicated volunteer whose efforts have made a huge difference for 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. His background in architecture and landscape architecture was critical in forming sustainable land use practices in our Green Tier Legacy Communities project. Bill’s professional background and his lifelong commitment to preserving the natural landscape make him the perfect fit for 1000 Friends.

For information about 1000 Friends of Wisconsin or to volunteer, please visit or call (608) 259-1000.

Tod Highsmith and Joan BrauneTod Highsmith and Joan Braune, Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Tod Highsmith and Joan Braune have amazed the staff at Wisconsin Wetlands Association with their great dedication to volunteerism on many levels, donating both time and money to wetland protection.  Between them, they do it all-serving on our Board of Directors, assisting in our office and at our annual conference, recruiting new members, and providing chocolates to help maintain staff morale.

For information about the Wisconsin Wetlands Association or to volunteer, please visit or call (608) 250-9971.

Photo of Bill Rattunde provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company


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