Jan Primus, Friends of Wisconsin State Parks05-13_JanPrimus_JU 

Jan Primus has been a very dedicated board member of Friends of Wisconsin State Parks for years.  She is also President of Friends of Mirror Lake State Park, which just completed new natural stone seating and upgraded lighting.  Jan is an inspiration and a role model in how she gives her time and talents to support many community organizations.

For more information about Friends of Wisconsin State Parks or to volunteer, visit www.friendswiparks.blogspot.com/ or call 608.264.8994.

Deborah Percival, Tenant Resource Center 05-13_DebPercival_JU

Deborah Percival, board member for Tenant Resource Center, goes above and beyond when it comes to raising funds for TRC.  She has been a volunteer housing counselor and has supported the TRC mission for many, many years.  She is also a grief counselor and an educator, and her warm personality makes her a pleasure to have on the board.

For more information about Tenant Resource Center or to volunteer, visit www.tenantresourcecenter.org or call 608.257.0143.


Photos provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company.


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