Jackie Csedo, Clean Wisconsin
Jackie Csedo has been volunteer to Clean Wisconsin’s Membership Department for a couple of years, offering her time, skills, talent, and contagiously upbeat attitude. She is an integral part of the Madison community and, through her actions, demonstrates her belief in the importance of a healthy environment. Clean Wisconsin is lucky to have someone as passionate and committed as Jackie.

For more information about Clean Wisconsin or to volunteer, visit http://www.cleanwisconsin.org/ or call 608-251-7020.

Kathy Dutilly, Wisconsin Wetlands Association
Kathy has been a weekly volunteer with Wisconsin Wetlands Association for four years, during which time she has provided invaluable assistance with all kinds of office work.  No matter the task, Kathy tackles it with her usual cheerful demeanor.  She has hand-addressed and stuffed thousands of envelopes, photocopied and assembled hundreds of conference packets, organized supplies for WWA’s Annual Meeting, and much more.

For more information about Wisconsin Wetlands Association or to volunteer, visit http://www.wisconsinwetlands.org/ or call 608-250-9971.


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