Sierra Powell, Community GroundWorks

Sierra Powell, age 15, has been volunteering weekly with Community GroundWorks since she was 9—all as part of her home-schooling curriculum.  She weeds and harvests vegetables on the farm, and she’s is a junior beekeeper.  As a huge fan of Community GroundWorks, Sierra encourages people to attend an event or get involved in some other way.

For more information about Community GroundWorks, or to volunteer, visit or call 608.240.0409.

Monica and Nathan Titley, Project Home

In 6 years Monica and Nathan Titley haven’t missed one Project Home volunteer event.  In the meantime, they’ve married and had two children.  For each of her two pregnancies, Monica was 7 and 8 months pregnant during the fall Paint-a-Thon, but she was on a ladder, painting low-income people’s homes.  These two love making a difference in people’s lives.

For more information about Project Home or to volunteer, visit or call 608.246.3737.


Photos provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company.


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