Corinna Hill, Rape Crisis Center
Rape Crisis Center (RCC) is fortunate to have remarkable volunteers like Corinna Hill.  In two years Corinna has put in over 750 hours on RCC’s 24-hour crisis line, helping those harmed by sexual violence.  Her warmth, resourcefulness, and mentoring of others make her invaluable.  Volunteers like Corinna ensure that crisis line callers can reach a compassionate and knowledgeable counselor at any time.

For more information about the Rape Crisis Center or to volunteer, please visit or call 608-251-5126.

Terrie Anderson, Community GroundWorks
Thanks to Terrie Anderson’s enthusiasm and wonderful communication and organizational skills, she is Community GroundWorks’ dream volunteer.  A board member since 2007, Terrie routinely goes above and beyond—organizing online auctions and other fundraisers, as well as chairing committees.  In her spare time, Terrie is an enthusiastic gardener in the GroundWorks’ community gardens.

For more information about Community GroundWorks or to volunteer, visit or call 608-240-0409.

Photo of Terrie provided by John Urban, The Urban Photo Company


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