Dr. Diego Calderon, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger 

As a long-time volunteer for Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, Dr. Diego Calderon has dedicated his personal and professional life to building a more healthy society and environment—like clean air and water near the closing Badger Army Ammunition Plant. Dr. Calderon also volunteers to consult with dairy farmers locally and in places such as Egypt, Ecuador, and Colombia.

For more information about Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger or to volunteer, visit www.cswab.org or call 608.643.3124.

Larry Kneeland, Outreach 

Larry Kneeland volunteers his time with OutReach to make sure LGBT senior citizens have much needed support and social activities. He is the Chair of OutReach’s Senior Alliance, which offers joint programming with the Madison Senior Center. An added bonus: this dedicated volunteer and board member cooks incredible home-made meals for the quarterly socials!

For more information about OutReach or to volunteer, visit www.lgbtoutreach.org or call 608.255.8582.