Tim Radelet, Project Home

During the last 20 years, Tim Radelet has volunteered at Project Home by providing pro-Bono legal services and as a member of the Rodney Scheel House Board of Directors.  Thanks to Tim’s dedication, and belief that every person deserves a decent place to call home, Project Home has helped make Madison a better place to live for countless families.


For more information about Project Home or to volunteer, visit projecthomewi.org or call 608-246-3737.





Jane Williams, Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger

After children from Jane Williams’s community became sick from toxic pollution, she dedicated herself to protect other communities from similar harm. As a volunteer with Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger’s Cease Fire Campaign, Jane has helped communities near military sites in Wisconsin and around the country to reduce toxic air emissions and move forward to safely treat hazardous waste.


For more information about Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger or to volunteer, visit cswab.org or call 608-643-3124.