José Pablo Flores Benítez, Nuestro Mundo Inc.

Jose Flores is a creative and dedicated educator at Nuestro Mundo Community School. He constantly looks for alternative and innovative ways to teach and have students explore the world. He has coordinated and led the Lego Robotics club for the past two years, and he regularly brings in Chicano music, art, and poetry into his classroom.

For more information or to volunteer visit or call (608) 204-1079.




Dave Clausen, Midwest Environmental Advocates

Retired veterinarian from Amery, WI, Dave joined the Midwest Environmental Advocates law center’s board in 2015 and has become a nonstop recruiter of support for the organization. He hosts house parties, sits on the local conservation board and connects people around Wisconsin who are concerned about the enforcement of clean water, air and land protection laws.

For more information or to volunteer visit or call (608) 251-5047.