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Freedom, Inc.

Helps educate, mobilize, and organize women, youth, and victims of abuse to build leadership in low-income minority communities. Challenges the root causes of violence, racism, and poverty.

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Phone: 608-416-5337

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freedom inc photo - featured image for BLM news postCommunity Shares of Wisconsin Stands in Support of Freedom, Inc. and Urban TriageCommunity Shares of Wisconsin stands in strong support of our member group Freedom, Inc. and our 2020 Inspiring Voices group Urban Triage in their collaborative action to demand Justice for the death of George Floyd and other systemic racism against Black people in our country. We encourage you to listen to Black organizers on the […]Read more…

freedom inc featured imageFreedom Inc. Celebrates 15th AnniversaryLed by co-directors Kabzuag Vaj and M Adams, Freedom Inc. is a Madison-based organization formed to advocate for the rights of Southeast Asian and Black communities through education and direct action. Founded 15 years ago as an after-school program, Freedom Inc. has grown to become an internationally-recognized non-profit organization serving low-income Black, Southeast Asian, and […]Read more…