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Founded in 1909, this Madison-based magazine is a voice for peace, social and economic justice, civil rights and liberties, a preserved environment, and a reinvigorated democracy.

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Phone: (608) 257-4626

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young people at a rally shared on progressive facebook account holding signs for BLM movement

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the progressive magazine logo for featured imageThe Progressive Provides a Platform for Diverse Opinion PiecesThe Progressive founded the Progressive Media Project (PMP) in 1993 to diversify and democratize our nation’s op-ed pages. The PMP trains activists and nonprofit staff on how to write powerful op-eds. Kiki Monifa, a featured op-ed writer says: “As a black, queer mother, there are not many avenues in the mainstream media to have my […]Read more…

The Big Share 2021 Featured Image LogoCap Times Shout-Out to CSWSupport social justice with donation to Community SharesRead more…