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We lead programs in businesses and communities to transform Dane County into a happy, healthier place for everyone. Together, we promote sustainability for people and the planet.

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Phone:  (608) 285-2454

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Backyard Heroes: Jeanne, Liv, and MichaelIn this post there are 3 volunteers from Sierra Club. The first one is Jeanne, and she is standing in this picture with lilacs all around her wearing a red T-shirt and smiling. In the next picture is Liv standing on a bridge with a city scape behind her and she is smiling and wearing […]Read more…

Backyard HeroesSeptember 2020 Backyard HeroesJoie Zhang – Sustain Dane Joie coordinates Sustain Dane’s new volunteer programs and helps run our social media, including starting our Instagram. She is passionate about exploring the intersection between design and sustainability and its ability to connect communities. In her free time, you can find her either painting or running through Madison’s trails outside. […]Read more…