Brenda and BrookeBrenda, David, and daughter Brooke were just one family that recently received greatly needed home repairs through Project Home’s Hammer with a Heart.  

David has had Huntington’s disease for many years and was bedridden. Brooke, 17, was diagnosed with Huntington’s at 8 years old, a very early onset. Brenda had to quit her job to care for them both. Their leaky roof and other needed home repairs became overwhelming, and there was no way the family could afford them. 

Through Project Home and Findorff, the family received a new roof, kitchen floor, additional half bathroom, ceiling, drywall, carpet, and vent cleaning—making the house more safe, comfortable, and healthy.

David passed away several months after the Hammer with a Heart project.  Project Home’s staff and many volunteers are glad they could help the family in this one way.


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