Project Home helps improve the quality and affordability of housing for low- to moderate-income residents.

“Weatherizing homes of low-income people just makes sense. It not only helps them save an average of about $400 in a heating season, but it helps cut our energy dependence.” This is the view of Scott Johnson, who was recently hired by Project Home and trained extensively as a Weatherization Crew Member.

Scott, second from left, is shown with his fellow team members

The funds to expand Project Home’s weatherization program came from the federal stimulus funds approved by Congress early in 2009. Project Home was able to hire 20 experienced people like Scott who were looking for work.

“Personally, this job has also been a life-saver for me,” said Scott. (Photo: Scott, second from left, is shown with his fellow team members.)

“I’ve been a carpenter for 30 years in Madison yet I lost my job in late 2008 after the recession began—and I have a wife and two teenagers at home to support. My layoff wasn’t long after I had a heart attack. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

“I am so glad that the federal stimulus money was brought here to Dane County to help all of Project Home’s customers, and to help people like me too. What makes this new career even better: I love doing this ‘green’ type of work.”


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