REAP Food Group achieved great growth in the past year:Student enjoying healthy snack thanks to REAP Food Group

  • The number of schools participating in REAP’s Classroom Snack Program increased from 4 to 10. This means that each week 3,841 schoolchildren now receive healthy, locally grown snacks.
  • The number of schools in REAP’s annual local/fair-trade school fundraiser program grew from 20 to 32.
  • There are now 33 restaurants, grocers, and health care facilities as part of the Buy Fresh Buy Local program—increasing the market for local products and allowing consumers to enjoy locally grown food.
  • REAP’s Homegrown Lunch program introduces healthy, locally grown foods to Wisconsin schoolchildren—and helps establish markets for the farmers and producers. As Lisa Jacobson, REAP Farm to School Program Director, said:”Lunch is not just something school children eat. The kids deserve better. We are teaching principles and values about our food.”


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