We at Community Shares were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of long-time community leader Art Lloyd. Art and his wife, Sue, have long been engaged with Community Shares of Wisconsin, many of our member groups, and countless other nonprofits in the area. (Details are available at the Cress Funeral Home site.)

Art’s life may best be remembered for his laser-like focus on social justice.  Working in Madison for nearly 50 years, Art was a founder of former CSW member groups Wisconsin Community Fund and Wisconsin Apprentice Organizers Project, and he was a member of our board for many years. Art passionately believed in changing the face of philanthropy by supporting grassroots organizations and their young, emerging leaders. In fact many of today’s young (and not so young) activists credit Art and Sue for fostering their skills, enabling them to work for positive change.

Words cannot fully express our sympathy to Sue and her entire family.

A few years ago, Art and Sue explained to us their philosophy about giving, shown below. We would have a stronger, better, more equal society if more people followed Art and Sue’s example.

We both feel very strongly that it’s important for everyone to share what they have with others. When everyone is involved in the sharing, a stronger community is created. Everyone needs to be a giver.

We also give to express solidarity with those who are lacking in resources. For those of us who are blessed with resources, our donations are a way to redistribute wealth in our society, where wealth today is so unevenly distributed.


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