A new program at Capitol Centre Market, “Round Up and Share,”
benefits Community IMG_0724 low resShares of Wisconsin (CSW).  In May a pilot of the program exceeded goals when customers—and Capitol Centre itself—donated over $6,800 to CSW.

Every other month, Capitol Centre cashiers will be asking customers if they would like to round up to the next dollar amount to help support CSW and its 62 member nonprofits. The program ran in May, and it resumes July 1.

“This first check from Capitol Centre is a tremendous start to what will be a great program for us and our member groups,” said CSW Executive Director Crystel Anders.

(From left: Brynne McBride, Mitch Eveland, Crystel Anders)

Capitol Centre owner Mitch Eveland said that he embraced the idea of this fundraising program because “when everybody helps just a little, great things can happen. Our customers are generous and when given the chance they’re eager to donate to help the many organizations that make up Community Shares.”

The May pilot program also included a “match” week, meaning that Capitol Centre matched its customers’ donations.  That gift from Capitol Centre amounted to over $1,200.  Eveland said he decided to do the match because “Capitol Centre Market is part of the community. As a business owner I want to set an example for our store team members. The best way to show commitment is for me to help too. Doing the match also generated some additional excitement.”

Capitol Centre Market, at the corner of Broom and Mifflin Streets in downtown Madison, has been owned by Eveland since 2007, and the store has supported CSW since that time.


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