Kathy Hoveland, WORT 89.9 Community Radio

Kathy Hoveland volunteers for WORT Community Radio as a receptionist, giving extraordinary assistance to callers, visitors, volunteers and staff during her multiple weekly shifts. Kathy is also a great ambassador for the station, who serves on the Events Committee and enjoys “pledge rapping” during on-air pledge drives. She does whatever it takes to create a positive experience at the station.

For more information or to volunteer at WORT, go to wortfm.org or call (608) 256-2001.



Carolyn Castore, League of Women Voters of Wisconsin

Carolyn Castore has been a member of League of Women Voters (LWV) in Milwaukee since 1996 and an active state legislative committee member.  In 2010, she began the LWV of Wisconsin Election Observation program with a handful of volunteer observers. With Carolyn’s guidance and dedication, the program has grown over time, showing the strength of the League’s volunteer activism.


For more information or to volunteer with the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin visit lwvwi.org or call (608) 256-0827.