Ben Seigel – Supporter since 2005

Ben SeigelBen Seigel transitioned from donating through his former employer to making recurring gifts on CSW’s website. Ben, a principal at Versa Studio, talked about the importance of online giving – especially for those who don’t give through their workplace.

Why continue to support CSW?

It had been easy through workplace giving at my former job. Once I got my business up and going, I wanted to continue to support the nonprofits that are important to me. Regular, recurring online gifts seemed like a great idea.

Why choose recurring gifts?

It’s very easy. And it’s a similar approach to workplace giving — you of course start by budgeting for it. Once you select the “recurring gift” option on the donation page, your donations are made automatically.

The tax advantage is likely the same for most of us whether we give as an employee through workplace giving, or as a business owner through online donations. And I like the idea that I’m giving consistently.

What is your philosophy about giving?

I believe that we’re all in this together, we all have a responsibility to each other. That’s what drives my giving.

Whether I’m an employee or a business owner, my attitude about charitable giving is the same. So why not give the same, regardless?