Tenant Resource Center--Community Shares of Wisconsin

“Clients come into our office to tell us about what is often the worst moment in their lives: when children are sick because of the mold; when they can’t pay the rent. They come because of the moment in which their housing is on the line, where they might really have to figure out how to live outside, be rained upon, shiver in the cold, figure out where to sleep, shower, get a meal, and go to the bathroom. We use our donations to buy tissues to soak up their tears, and print papers filled with resources. We listen. We talk about their options. We know it’s really, really hard.”

–Brenda Konkel, Tenant Resource Center Executive Director

With about half of the Madison’s residents living in rented housing, Tenant Resource Center has, and continues to be a place for the city’s renters  to understand their rights and responsibilities and to be understood by others.


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