The Big Share Frequently Asked Questions — 2024


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Power Hours and Other Prizes

What is the schedule of Prizes this year?


Can I count offline Gifts toward my Power Hour?



Prize Rules:

  • Fourteen $1,000prizes and Two $2000 Super Power Hours will be awarded to groups raising the most money and having the most unique donors during designated hours.
  • Organizations may win only one Power Hour or Super Power Hour prize during the 2024 The Big Share (max $2,000).
  • Organizations may win only oneGolden Ticket prize drawing during the 2024 The Big Share (max $250).
  • Organizations that win power hour prizes are noteligible for golden ticket prizes.
  • The organization that wins the “first donation” prize is not eligible to win the “last donation” prize (max $750).


Site Wide Match Minutes

  • All funds raised within the minute will be matched up to a certain dollar amount, proportionally.
  • Tuesday 3/5 @ 7:45:00am-7:45:59am – Match Minute ($1,000)
  • Tuesday 3/5 @ 3:30:00pm-3:30:59pm – Match Minute ($5,000)


Matches and Offline Gifts:

Can my matching gift donor pay on 

No. Your matching gifts must be received offline or through your other credit card processing portals. If your donor makes their matching gift online, the funds will be counted twice.


How do I add a Match to my Giving Day profile?

How do I add an offline gift to my Giving Day totals?


Peer to Peer Fundraising

How do I add Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers for a Giving Day?

How do I attribute an offline donation to a Peer-to-Peer or Free Agent Fundraising page?

Do you have an online guide for fundraisers?


Managing My Organization Account on Give Gab

How do I download a report of donations to my Giving Day?

Managing Donations through your dashboard