We at CSW appreciate all of the good comments in this editorial, especially the hearty recommendation they offer at the end.

This is the time of the year when many nonprofits are asking for year-end donations, making it a challenge to choose which one to support.

We’d like to throw in a good word today for one of them — Community Shares of Wisconsin.

CSW raises money for its nonprofit members. It was started some 40 years ago here in Madison as a social action fund, the first of its kind in the nation, primarily supporting a handful of small organizations that promoted peace.

Today, Community Shares raises funds for 63 nonprofits that focus on environmental protection, women and family issues, affordable housing, and social justice.

Some companies in town allow employees to give to CSW as well as United Way via their paychecks. People can also go to communityshares.com to contribute online.

Community Shares’ 63 members include groups like the League of Women Voters Education Network, the Interfaith Coalition of Worker Justice, the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club Foundation, the Tenant Resource Center, and the Rape Crisis Center.

In its 40 years, CSW has distributed more than $13 million to its members, support that helped these focused nonprofits make a difference in our community.

We heartily recommend support for Community Shares.


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