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Here are some sample articles from past e-newsletters.

Video: How You Help Our Groups Be Good Advocates


View the short video by Molly Cisco, Former Director of Grassroots Empowerment Project.  This group is run for and by people who are consumers of mental health services—to support recovery.

Molly explains just what your donations mean for a nonprofit that does advocacy work (which most of our groups do).  And remember that giving is easy on the Donate page of our website.

CSW-CHIP Merger – and 2012 CHIP Donations Approach $225,000!

Willy St Co-op Logo

Your small donations at Willy Street Co-op last year added up to over $220,000 for Community Shares to use in supporting our member groups.  Thanks to all who say yes to CHIP!

Read a few comments from our Executive Director Crystel Anders on why the Co-op is such a great partner for CSW—and why the recent CSW-CHIP merger was a win-win for the two nonprofits.

Campaign Spotlight: Jan Froelich, Johnson Block

Jan Froelich, Campaign Coordinator for Johnson Block and Company, offered some comments on why workplace giving works well for them—and how they achieved an increase in gifts last year despite a tight economy.

“We have been a workplace giving site for over 10 years. There are some dedicated annual givers here, who will give no matter what the economy is doing. It’s important to me as Coordinator to help make people aware of the need. And to encourage them to think about the importance of giving. I have always enjoyed helping out for a good cause—and this is a good cause.”

CHIP Update

Willy St Co-op Logo

Thank you to all who say yes to CHIP at Willy Street Co-op east and west!  In 2012 your small donations added up to a total of more than $220,000 for Community Shares and our member groups.  Thanks too to Willy Street Co-op staff who make the program possible.

CSW Event Photos

Matt DannenbergTake a look at the Annual Event photos. (Though the photos don’t do Matt Dannenberg’s speech finale—a cartwheel—full justice.) Feel free to share any comments about the event.

New Campaign Site: Andy Wallman, KW2

CSW welcomes KW2 as a new workplace giving site. KW2 (Knupp, Watson & Wallman) is an advertising and digital agency in Madison. President and Creative Director Andy Wallman explained why they said yes to a campaign.

“KW2 believes in community—and in Community Shares. We wanted to be a workplace giving site to show our employees and clients that supporting community matters.”

“When business supports community like this, we all get stronger. And right now, we need our community to be as strong as it can be.”

Comments from CSW/CHIP Recipient Chrysalis

Last week, a young man who has been working with Chrysalis staff earned a paycheck for the first time in five years. Chrysalis offers individualized employment support services—to help people with mental illnesses find a job, grow, and thrive as contributing members of our community.

This young man’s success would not be possible without the support of our community and the funds you have donated through the CHIP program at Willy Street Co-op. Thank you from everyone at Chrysalis.

Chrysalis is just one of over 60 nonprofits that benefit each time you say “yes” to CHIP.

New Campaign Site: Dane Buy LocalLark Paulsen

CSW welcomes new workplace giving sites, and Lark Paulson, Director of Membership Services & Administration at Dane Buy Local, said that when she understood the concept, “I became passionate about the idea.” See more of her quotes about getting involved in workplace giving.

Lark added that “the people employed by the nonprofits in CSW are often our friends, family, neighbors—we see them regularly. So giving to CSW becomes an investment in where I live. It gives me great pride to know that I played a role in helping to strengthen my community.”

Coordinator Spotlight: Wendy Hathaway, WAAWendy Hathaway

Wendy Hathaway and Kate Siemieniewski have been coordinators at Wisconsin Alumni Association’s (WAA’s) campaign for three years now. “We love UW and Madison, so we’re eager to help people give back to the community,” said Wendy. “And because WAA is a nonprofit itself, we know the importance of people getting involved in nonprofits.

“Part of our school spirit is our pride in helping our community. So I’m not surprised that we’ve been increasing our support to nonprofits through CSW. As a coordinator, I’m glad to be a part of that.”

New Campaign Site: Filament Games

Filament Games’ CEO Dan White said that giving through Community Shares “was a simple and effective way for our staff to learn about and support the many outstanding nonprofits that work to improve our community.” Our thanks to everyone there!

Comments from CHIP Donor Jenny Green

Jenny Green, oJenny Greenwner of shu shu design, said, “I love to CHIP because it’s an easy, painless way to contribute to my community! The member nonprofits supported by the CHIP program offer vital services in health care, safety, advocacy, and activism. If it weren’t for Willy Street Co-op’s administration of this program, I wouldn’t be able to donate to so many important organizations.”

Coordinator Spotlight: Julie Nicodemus, GLHEC

Julie NicodemusJulie Nicodemus, HR Specialist at Great Lakes Higher Education, has served as campaign coordinator for 10 years.

“Our organization believes that education has the power to change lives for the better. The giving campaigns are a way to educate our employees about which nonprofits are out there and how we all can change the world by getting involved.

“In this year’s campaign I’m really focused on encouraging pledges. Future donations hinge on pledges more than on our event-generated donations.

“It’s a good feeling when I see my colleagues show more interest in the campaign. Maybe a comment from a speaker struck a chord, or something happened in their life that caused them to get involved. Acting as coordinator is worth it for me when I see people get more engaged.”

Comments from CHIP donor Anette Hansen

Anette Hansen“I always CHIP at Willy Street Co-op.  It’s convenient, it’s a small amount to donate each time, and so it doesn’t affect my budget that much.  It also gives me a good feeling to know that I’m giving back, and doing it in a way that immediately benefits the community.  It’s a win-win: when everyone CHIPs in, the dollars add up and these nonprofits can continue to do great work for us.”

Campaign Spotlight: Janine Veto, UW Foundation

“We’re a strong supporter of the Community Shares of Wisconsin campaign,” said Janine Veto, Director of Development for the UW Foundation and last year’s Campaign Coordinator there.  “Not only are we in a kindred field, but it’s an integral part of who and what we are as an organization.

“When I moved here I was struck by how the UW Foundation—and other employers I know of as well—encourage all of us to be individual philanthropists.  It very much seems to be part of the community culture.

“And for me personally, the Campaign is a great learning experience to find out more about our community and the nonprofits that serve our various needs.”

“It was hilarious, everyone loved it,” said Janine.  “Most important, an event like this can increase interest and participation in giving—which is our goal!”Janine explained that, in addition to encouraging payroll contribution pledges from coworkers, the Campaign Committee had a hit on their hands with the Chuck-a-Duck event last year.  Employees could pay $5 for a rubber duck which they threw off the fourth floor patio, trying to target the ducks into a kiddie swimming pool on the ground below.