Sarah LloydThe Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Center for Media and Democracy, Midwest Environmental Advocates, Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, and Sierra Club – John Muir Chapter are among the organizations involved in Money Out Voters In.  At a recent press conference, Sarah Lloyd from the Wisconsin Farmers Union voiced reasons why the state legislature should move on a long-ago introduced resolution to oppose Citizens United, which allows unlimited spending by large entities (unions and corporations). 

“The increasing concentration of agribusiness here is … funneling cash into the system without check.  Dairy farmers in Wisconsin struggle to maintain their family businesses.  Widespread reform has been called for by dairy farmers … but we can’t get something passed to support the family farmers of this state, and support our rural communities.”

All of these groups state that money does not equal speech — and that limiting political contributions and election spending does not restrict political speech. Election spending in Wisconsin has tripled since the Citizens United decision.