Thanks to WISC-TV editorial director Neil Heinen for the following comments about CHIP.

If you shop at either of the two Willy Street Co-op grocery stores you’re familiar with this question — would you like to CHIP? What the check-out person is asking is if you want to contribute one percent of your total bill to help support the 64 nonprofits under the Community Shares umbrella. Community Shares describes its member organizations as focused on advocating for system change that can make our communities better for everyone. CHIP is a partnership with Willy Street to help in that work.

It’s beautifully simple. It’s also remarkably effective. In 2011, the CHIP program raised over $180,000. That’s a lot of money for organizations facing some challenging fund raising times. And customers love the ease with which they can support these organizations. We too love CHIP and we congratulate Community Shares and Willy Street Co-ops for making it work.

— Neil Heinen, WISC-TV¬†Editorial Director


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