Ever wonder how a person with vision loss learns to navigate around town?

Megan has had low vision since birth, and she has had training over the years from many instructors.  But she says “the most effective and helpful training is what I am learning from Marshall,” from the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired.Megan behind the wheel of the stationary bus

“I knew I would use the bus a lot, so I wanted to get training.”  Megan went with Marshall to Madison Metro, where she toured a stationary bus and learned where she should board, where to sit, and where to insert her money or bus card.

Marshall also helped her learn to navigate on foot.  “Now, I feel comfortable crossing the street to get to the grocery store, a café or the library.  It might sound like a really simple thing to most people, but it’s a great feeling to have the confidence to do this safely and by myself.  I have gained so much independence from this training.”

Currently taking a break from college, Megan encourages other young adults with vision loss to “Get every tool and service that you can.  They are out there, and they will help you become independent so you can live a good life.”