Wisconsin Council on Children and Families LogoThrough advocacy trainings around the state, the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families (WCCF) helps empower Wisconsinites to become advocates on issues that matter most to them.  Vicky is a case in point.

After Vicky’s 17-year-old son Kirk killed himself while confined in an adult jail, Vicky became committed to returning 17-year-olds to the juvenile corrections system, where they can access the mental health and other services not available to them through the adult system.  

For those like Vicky wanting to get involved, WCCF provides the data and know-how to work with local policy makers.  With the help of advocates like Vicky, WCCF has worked for several years to get legislation passed that would ensure that teenagers receive age-appropriate treatment in the justice process. WCCF expects this legislation to be introduced again this year.

The goal is that no more families would have to suffer the kind of tragedy Vicky did.


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