Neil Peters-MichaudNeil Peters-Michaud, founder and owner of Cascade Asset Management (at left in photo), noted that he got involved with Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters “through my work on the electronic waste bill.  My business collects used electronics from businesses and institutions, as well as from individuals through collection programs, and then ‘cascades’ them to their next best use (refurbishing, recycling, or reusing components).  Since 1999, we’ve recycled or refurbished over 60 million pounds of electronics, so this legislation was very important to us.

“While WLCV worked with the environmental and conservation communities to pass the legislation, I was working to build coalitions on the business side, engaging my peers to testify at hearings and provide comments supporting the bill’s passage.

“Our efforts paid off,” said Neil.  “The bill passed through the State Legislature and was signed into law.”

Cascade Asset Management is a national leader in responsible electronic waste recycling and refurbishing, with its headquarters in Madison.


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