JolmaJolma, a woman originally from Tibet, is very appreciative of the support she has received from Wisconsin Literacy. Jolma is a former teacher of Tibetan literature and politics. Her goal was to learn English, then return to Tibet to contribute to her community.

“Because of the large Tibetan community in Madison, I decided to continue my college studies here,” she said. Jolma had contacts in Wisconsin, since her uncle and cousins were here, but they also struggled with the language barrier.

“We had difficulties understanding phone calls from English speakers,” she said. Through the Literacy Network in Madison (part of Wisconsin Literacy), Jolma met her tutor, Martin.

“For almost five years, Martin tutored me and helped me tremendously in many areas, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Without Martin’s help, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to complete my studies successfully at Madison Area Technical College.”

Jolma said that Martin has taught her much more than English skills and vocabulary. “He also has taught me about the culture: what to expect at a grocery counter, what to bring to a party, and much more.

“Now Martin says, ‘Jolma, you’re a fully functional person in this society.’ And I agree with him.”


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