Workplace Giving

Campaign Coordinator Resources

Campaign Coordinator Resources

Thank you for serving as the coordinator for the Community Shares employee giving campaign at your workplace! Your help is invaluable in allowing your coworkers to easily support the issues they care most about.



iPledge Online Pledging: 

Contact CSW Staff at [email protected] if you need a personalized link for your workplace.

Links to videos to use in your campaign: 

English Pledging Materials:

Spanish Pledging Materials:

Screen Reader Accessible Pledging Materials:

Sample Emails:


Digital Media Kits


Wrap up:

To help you make the campaign engaging and fun, we can arrange for prizes and giveaways, baskets, etc. from our member groups. Please just reach out and ask! 

Note: Feel free to copy and paste information directly from the pages on this site. To request more campaign materials, provide a change of address or campaign coordinator, schedule a presentation by one of our member nonprofits, or for general questions, contact:

Cheri Dubiel
(608) 256-1066
[email protected]