Choose Community Shares of Wisconsin In your workplace giving Campaign

Annual funds raised by CSW have increased from $300 in 1971 to over $1.8 million! Our base of support in the community continues to grow and with workplace giving you can be an important part of that growth!

I’m really glad that—at the suggestion of a colleague—we added Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) to workplace giving. CSW offers added choices. And why give at work?  Simply because we’re all busy.  Many of us wouldn’t take the time on our own to look into giving to many of these groups.  I see it as a favor to our colleagues—offering everyone a chance to know what these nonprofits do, and how we can help them continue their great work.”
–Greg Simmons, President and CEO  MetaStar Inc.

Workplace giving is a simple way that employees can make tax-deductible donations to local charities through payroll contributions. Workplace giving allows a company and its employees to work together to benefit the community.

Watch our video and learn more about our agencies and why workplace giving is important!




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