Comments from Participating Companies

I like the fact that workplace giving allows me to make most of my charitable gifts at one time.  It’s simply easier than sending checks to nonprofits, or making gifts online.  As an auditor, I also know it’s also a very secure way to give.

In addition, workplace giving is a great way to get employees actively engaged in the community.   We come together as a group, and in doing so we not only support nonprofits, we support work in the community that’s important to us.

Many business owners believe that workplace giving isn’t viable for them, since they tend to give personally and not in their role as CEO.  Yet I think there’s value in encouraging employees to give—and making it really easy for them to give.  It promotes the spirit of charitable giving, which of course has great value to our community overall.

At Wegner we also match employees’ gifts.  We like being able to support the favorite causes of our employees.  And it’s a way to make giving more of a partnership.”
–Scott Haumersen, Managing Partner, Wegner LLP 

I’m really glad that—at the suggestion of a colleague—we added Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) to workplace giving. CSW offers added choices to our employees at MetaStar.

First, CSW has member nonprofits that do valuable work but may not have widespread exposure—groups like Women in Transition.  Some of these groups serve under-represented populations; other groups work hard to protect the environment for all of us.

Second, CSW has a different financing model: if you direct a gift to one or more of their member groups, those groups receive all of your gift.  None of it is kept by Community Shares.

And why give at work?  Simply because we’re all busy.  Many of us wouldn’t take the time on our own to look into giving to many of these groups.  I see it as a favor to our colleagues—offering everyone a chance to know what these nonprofits do, and how we can help them continue their great work.”
–Greg Simmons, President and CEO  MetaStar Inc.

I like the groups that make up Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW), and the causes they support. I also like the efficiency of the process offered by CSW. It’s much easier for dollars to be distributed through CSW, as opposed to each of us trying to support all of those member groups. Plus it helps the member nonprofits when someone is raising money for them.

Offering workplace giving is simply the right thing to do. It’s a voluntary contribution process and if I have the ability to put people in touch with CSW, why wouldn’t I do that?

I appreciate how Community Shares helps us weave this fabric of community, so that all our lives are all enriched. We all gain when everyone is doing better.
–Eric Schroeder, CEO of The Payroll Company

Park Bank believes that providing an avenue for our associates to give is important to the community and fits well with our community banking philosophy.
–James H. Hegenbarth, President and CEO, Park Bank

Isthmus Publishing chooses to participate in Community Shares of Wisconsin’s workplace giving program to allow our employees to empower the social justice programs that they support in our community. Community Shares’ program addresses important life and justice issues that affect the way we live, and, like our newspaper, it illuminates important work being done.
–Kathy Bailey, Administrative Director, Isthmus Publishing Co.

The staff of Teamwork Associates are excited to offer Community Shares as our workplace giving program. We are only 5 in number, but having a set of agencies that put their focus on social justice was important to us. Teamwork Associates works with adults who have developmental disabilities, many of whom have been disenfranchised in our community and seek help and understanding from the agencies that receive benefit from CSW.

For us, contributing to Community Shares is another way to encourage the communities of Dane County to be inclusive of the people we support.
–Wendy Hecht, Executive Director, Teamwork Associates