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Because of you, we can work together on our most urgent social justice and environmental issues – you are our best partner in making this change possible. Your gift today can make a big impact – Please consider a gift to Community Shares of Wisconsin.

Thanks to your past support, we have worked to build partnerships between our 70 member nonprofits. Because of you and your support, many of our member nonprofits are working together to make clean water a reality in our community.

“The atmosphere, the earth, the water and the water cycle – those things are good gifts… We have to regard them as gifts because we couldn’t make them. We have to regard them as good gifts because we couldn’t live without them”.            -Wendell Berry

While Governor Evers declared 2019 the Year of Clean Drinking Water – our member nonprofits are on the front lines in Wisconsin working towards a future where everyone has clean water and air, all citizens have access to family-supporting jobs, and all communities are safe and thriving.

As Wendell Berry states in the quote above, clean water is a gift we cannot live without. Kayla Furton, pictured left, understands this firsthand. A mom from the town of Peshtigo, Kayla moved back to her childhood home four years ago to raise her children. Recently, she discovered that her well was polluted.

“We were excited to be close to family, part of the caring hard-working community we grew up with, and to raise our children surrounded by natural beauty – and plenty of room to explore the outdoors”, Kayla reflected.

“What we didn’t know was that we were moving our kids into the middle of a massive PFAS* plume of contamination”, said Kayla.  Wisconsin Conservation Voices, a Community Shares of Wisconsin’s member, is working with Kayla to alert citizens of the dangers of PFAS and other pollutants in our water.

Your gift to Community Shares of Wisconsin supports the work of 70 nonprofits working on critical issues in our communities – like clean drinking water! Your gift today supports the critical work needed to make our drinking water safe – by supporting groups that are on the front lines of environmental justice.

“This plume contaminated the creek in our woods, the waterfront our children love, and this fall, we found out that the water coming into our home was now contaminated…”, Kayla explained.

“No individual, no family, no child should be put at risk through the water they drink or through their environment. I am committed to working for clean water for all our children, our neighbors, our state deserve at least that”, pledged Kayla. 

Won’t you take a moment and make the same pledge as Kayla? By making a gift today in support of Community Shares of Wisconsin you strengthen the work of 70 nonprofits.

There are 19 Community Shares of Wisconsin member groups directly focused on addressing environmental justice and climate change, many of them with a specific focus on water.

Along with Wisconsin Conservation Voices, member nonprofits like Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger, Clean Wisconsin, River Alliance, Midwest Environmental Advocates, Sierra Club – John Muir Chapter, and many more are all working on clean water issues. You can read more about our members here.

Community Shares of Wisconsin and its members envision a future where everyone has clean water and air, all citizens have access to family-supporting jobs, and all communities are safe and thriving – please make a gift today to support this work.



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